Fast Tips Friday: Alexa Knows Area Codes, Zip Codes, State Abbreviations

Post published 3/29/19 – It’s yet another feature consumers have wanted from the beginning: Alexa knows area codes, zip codes and state abbreviations now, and can do some related searches.

Make Alexa Your Partner In Address & Phone Lookups

Unfamiliar area code showing on your caller ID? Forgot the state abbreviation for Mississippi and need to send a package there? Need to know the zip codes assigned to a certain town? In the United States at least, Alexa can help with all of these types of questions now.

It appears Alexa’s getting some of this information from Yelp, some from Wikipedia, and some from government websites. If you’re outside the US but Alexa has Yelp and Wikipedia integration in your region, some or all of these queries will probably work for you too.


What is the state abbreviation for {state name}?
Outside the US, this may work for provinces.

Where is the zip code {five digit postal code} located?

What are the zip codes for {city or town}?
Some towns and cities have more than one zip code. Alexa will rattle off all the zip codes for the region you specify.

Where is the area code {three digit telephone area code} located?
Great for landlines and business numbers, but remember that area code isn’t a very reliable locator for cell phones because people tend to keep their existing mobile number when they move.

This is one of those features you might not need every day, but it comes in very handy when you do!